Working for us

What’s it like to work for Amec Foster Wheeler?

With us, you’ll be challenged. You’ll be encouraged to excel. You’ll be given the opportunity to build a rewarding career. And you’ll be proud to belong to the Amec Foster Wheeler team.

You will be a part of a strong, global company shaping the future of the world’s oil and gas, mining, clean energy, and environment and infrastructure markets.

What’s it like working for us?

A world of opportunities

Imagine working on complex global projects, safely and sustainably. Imagine being challenged to develop your skills and experience, growing with Amec Foster Wheeler through a varied and exciting career. Imagine working for clients who are themselves world leaders in their chosen markets.

“I feel that by working together as a team we can achieve anything and working at Amec Foster Wheeler helps me achieve things I never believed I could.”

Excellence in all we do

Ask anyone in Amec Foster Wheeler. We employ some of the world’s best people and task our managers with inspiring and developing the next generation of employees. Delivering excellence in everything we do is hard work – it means continually asking ourselves whether we can do even better. But that’s how we do things in Amec Foster Wheeler.

“We work together to consistently provide excellent services to clients - we stretch ourselves to add value wherever we work.”

Inclusive work environment

Fairness, support in development, safe work environment – that’s Amec Foster Wheeler. Where people look out for each other, are respected and are recognised. Where people work ethically and safely. Our culture is a culture of high achievers where employees are loyal and willing to go the extra mile. Where people feel they belong.

“Amec Foster Wheeler cares for me and I care for Amec Foster Wheeler.”

That’s the world of Amec Foster Wheeler, built on strong values, where you can belong and be proud of what you achieve.

So, are you ready? Let’s shape our future – together.

What do you want to do at Amec Foster Wheeler?

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